Dr Dana Porter, D.EdPsych Psychologist
Dr. Dana Porter
Psychologist (Candidate Register)

After growing up in Nova Scotia Dana moved to the UK where he completed his Doctoral level training in psychology. Employed by local government and as a part of Babcock International, he worked to advocate for and support children, young people and families for a variety of needs in a variety of settings (schools, care homes, foster placements, children’s hospitals, pre-schools and private residences). Often collaborating with schools and other health care providers, Dana works in a consultative manner to help develop strengths and to move things forward while creating independence.

Dana works with children (2-12), adolescents (13-18) and adults (19+) in a collaborative way to help people make sense of their difficulties, to identify strengths and support needs. Focusing on social, emotional, behavioural and learning needs, Dana employs a variety of assessment techniques and tools so that his clients feel supported and understood.

In addition to individual and family work, Dana is often involved in delivering workshops and training to groups interested in ADHD, Autism, Behaviour and Emotional Development and in supporting change.